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LITHO ROCKS and there are a number of ways that you can collaborate with us.

Contract (you pay)
Artists are able to collaborate with us on a contract basis. By paying for our services and the production costs of the project(s) the artist retains the entire edition. Prices for our services vary and are dependent upon paper size, complexity and quantity required. Contact us for a quote or arrange a consultation to discuss your project.

This option may be of interest to galleries wishing to commission editions by the artists they represent..

Publish (we pay)
Each year Hole Editions invites a number of artists in to our workshop to collaborate with the Master Printer and produce a print or series of original prints. We cover the production costs of these projects and profits are split with the artists involved. There is usually a five year contract period.

We welcome submissions from artists who would like to work with us in this way, contact us but please do not email images.

Co-publish (we both pay) We share the production costs and often split the editions as well as the profits.

For artists wanting to make unique, single prints (not editioned) with a spontaneous, painterly quality. Monotype sessions can be booked for half days, full days or multiple days.

If you want to know more don’t hesitate to contact us.

We prefer one-to-one classes and believe that collaborating with us on a lithograph is the best way for you to learn about lithography.

Although we don’t organise and advertise group classes it is possible to arrange bespoke classes (one-to-one, or groups) to your requirements.

Some of the things we can teach you

  • basic through to advanced lithography
  • how to grain lithographic stones
  • how to process ball-grained litho plates
  • how to process photo litho plates
  • how to make a transfer lithograph
  • how to handle and prepare paper
  • how to mix inks and match colours
  • problem solving including registration issues

36 Lime Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

T 0191 232 8794
M 07746473216

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