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About Special Offers

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Our Special Offers are small and affordable hand printed original lithographs. They are produced (mostly) for open studio events which (usually) take place three times each year. The first is in March, then The Late Shows in May and finally the winter open studios at the end of November.

Why do you produce them?
Over the years and over the course of open studio events we like to have the workshop operational with the press in action so that visitors can see what we do. We really enjoy what we do and we also like sharing our passion of lithography with people. It is hopefully fun and educational for all.

  • Encourage the collection original prints.
  • Introduce visitors to new artists and vice versa.
  • Facilitate the production of more lithographs.
  • Enable artists to self-publish lithographs.

How much do they cost?
We have made prints and given them away FREE and we have also instructed visitors and allowed them to print impressions for themselves either for free or a small donation. Over the years we have changed how the offers work and also the pricing, currently they are mostly £25 per impression. The price often includes postage and packaging.

How do the projects work?
We invite artists to collaborate with us on a piece in advance, or artists can contact us to collaborate on a piece. There is usually minimal set up costs and editioning costs are covered by us as we are using the piece for a live “demonstration”. Profits are split with artists and can be re-invested into subsequent co-publish or self-publish projects, or used for something else entirely. Ideally we would like artists to re-invest.

Once the proofing has been successfully completed we invite people to subscribe / sign up to purchase impressions via our mailing list and social media. The editioning (usually) takes place during the open studio events. Sometimes the editioning will have to begin in the days proceeding the events and may continue in the days following, depending on the quantity and complexity.

How many impressions do you print?
The number of people subscribing (usually) determines the edition size. The sign up deadlines are usually at the end of an open studio event in order to give visitors the chance to see and sign up. We’ll print more sheets than we estimate (based on numbers before editioning starts). We may have to print extra impressions if a piece has a sudden surge in sign ups.

How do I sign up?
If you are on our mailing list you’ll receive information about the offer. Or you can simply email us asking to be added to the list. You can also ask for you subscription to roll over (we’ll email you to confirm for each offer just in case one isn’t your cup of tea).

Can I buy more than one impression?
Yes you can. You can order as many as you wish. They make great presents.

How do you post them?
The size of the paper for these offers vary but they have been designed to fit in either an A5 or A4 card backed “Please do not bend” envelope. There is usually an additional supporting piece of card added. We aim to keep the package as light as possible to reduce postal costs. The post is second class or internationl economy. Postage can be increased and / or extra packaging material can be added upon request at an additional cost.

How and when do I pay?
There is no money required when you sign up. Initially we need to find out the number of impressions that we may need to print. Once the editioning is completed we contact the subscribers with invoices and ask for bank transfers (ideal, to minimise processing fees) or PayPal payments.

When do I receive my impression?
As soon as possible. Once the ink has dried we have to curate the edition and make sure that it is sound before having the artist to number and sign them. The impressions are then packed and sent out.

36 Lime Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

T 0191 232 8794
M 07746473216

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