Hole Editions, a fine art collaborative printmaking workshop, specialising in hand lithography.

We work closely with artists to realise their ideas in the medium of the fine art original print. A collaborative printmaker is a guide to the artist through the complexities and technicalities of the process, while also being sympathetic to the art. By handling the technical considerations, processing of the stones and plates and the editioning of the prints, artists are able to focus their energies on the creative aspects of the project.

Recent Collaborations

Come and make lithographs with us.

You can collaborate with us through contract printing, publishing or co-publishing projects, monotyping or classes.

We often collaborate with artists who have little or no printmaking experience and who do not usually work in a collaborative way. Artists may face new challenges and materials. Both printer and artist have to be flexible and willing. This allows for creativity, experimentation and for the artist to push the boundaries of their image making and working practices.

Collaborating Artists

It is always a privilege to collaborate with artists. The majority of the works that we have produced with them can be found on their ARTIST PAGE. Many of the works are available to purchase directly from ourselves or from the galleries/artsists that have published them.

All our work is hand printed and original. Editions are carefully curated and documented. Upon completion of projects the stones and/or plates are effaced, thereby preserving the integrity of the edition and ensuring that no further impressions can ever be printed. Documentation sheets usually accompany all editions, they are always available upon request.

Special Offers

Periodically we produce very affordable editions, usually to coincide with open studio events, edition sizes are often based on the number of subscribers that sign up to purchase the edition. They can be a great way to support the artists, the workshop, start a collection or as gifts.

Hole Editions is the imprint of Lee Turner and was established in 2005 shortly after he completed Master Printer training at Tamarind Institute, New Mexico, USA.

Do you want to know more about what we do or how to work with us? Contact us or have a look through some FAQs.

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